Helen Perry

Corporate & Personal Image Consultant
716 Augusta Houston, TX 77057
Mobile: 713-206-1800
Office: 713-781-6009
Email: hperry@helen-perry.com
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Knowledge Leads to Confidence,
Capability and Comfort

Helen Perry has been a Corporate and Personal Image Consultant “and Humorist!” for over 25 years. For her individual clients, she begins in the closet and within hours, guides them to a lifestyle of stress-free dressing. And they never looked better! Helen Perry will help you:

  • Optimize Time
  • Minimize expenses
  • Dress with confidence
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Clearly communicate who you are
  • Avoid Stress


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Helen has conducted Professional Awareness Training internationally. Her seminars on Professional Dress Attire for the Workplace, Telephone Technique, Customer Service, Non-verbal Communication and Etiquette have produced significant visible results, increased productivity, and heightened morale. Her unique use of humor places her training sessions in the distinct category of Edutainment, leaving her audiences both educated and entertained. Whether in your closet, office, a department store, or training session, Helen Perry sees the best in you and, in on time, your customers, friends, and colleagues will too!


Award for Excellence-Winner of Distinction 2015


Blue Bird Style Show


Bring Your A Game!

Helen Perry’s ongoing article series in partnership with the Houston BBB. This series will help you make sure that you are presenting your best self at all times in your professional and personal life.

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